#COLLAB : Ultimate Parenting Tips

School concert back in 2010.
Credit: Zahraa Schroeder

Zahraa here! To accompany Fatima’s lovely article I will be including a few photos from my childhood to add to the kid-aspect of this post. I’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to my Canadian writing buddy, Fatima for taking the time out of her busy day to write for my little blog. Okay, Fatima – take it away!

Many times, as parents, we wish there was an instruction manual that we could follow when raising our children. The truth is all children are different and have their own unique needs. The good news is that there are wonderful parenting tools that we can use to make our lives as parents easier. The tools I discovered from a book and website: “Hand in Hand Parenting”.

The company discusses a set of 5 parenting tools that are great to have in a “parenting toolkit” for dealing with various parenting situations. The tools are designed to help you listen and understand the needs of your child effectively.

My cousin looking out to sea.
Credit: Zahraa Schroeder

Here are the 5 transformational parenting tools:
1) Special Time– Setting some time each day to bond with your child. During this time you allow the child to select a safe activity they want to do and you follow their lead. 

2) Listening Partnership– Having someone you can talk to about your patenting struggles and release the tension and the anger you build up each day.

3) Stay-listening– This involves listening to your child when they feel upset and hurt and allowing them to release the negative feelings they have building inside of them.

4) Play-listening– This involves creating humour by allowing them to show and teach you how a simple task is done (i.e. accidentally wearing socks on hands and allowing a child to show you where they are worn).

5) Setting Limits– Creating limits for your child when your child is doing something inappropriate. This involves telling them in a loving, compassionate way that the behaviour needs to stop.

Camping days back in high school
Credit: Zahraa Schroeder

I have found these tools to be a real game changer when it comes to parenting. You can learn more about the tools and see applications of the tools at https://www.handinhandparenting.org/

Fatima Siddiqa Mohamedali is a passionate elementary Montessori teacher. She loves looking for ways of strengthening both the teacher and child connection and the parent child connection. She is currently pursuing her qualifications to teach yoga to children of all ages and abilities. Her hobbies include yoga, reading and trying new recipes.

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