Summer Must-haves🌺 Bye Bye Sweat Patches!

A new blog series with all that you need for the Summer season. We’re talking skincare, glamour and ideal headscarf materials to keep you looking fab, collected and (most importantly) cool during this, or any summer for that matter!

Summer will always find us. If you’re a Winter-baby like me, then the warmer months are definitely something you dread.

If it’s not a shiny upper lip then it’s sweaty underarm patches!

And that’s why – ladies, gentlemen and non-binary compatriots – we’ve made a list of all the fabrics you need to spruce up your summer wardrobe!


A breathable fashion favourite, cotton is a total must-have! While this fabric allows air to circulate between your body and the clothing, it’s all very absorbent. So, it may start feeling a bit heavy and damp in those sweaty areas, like under the arms and under the bust area.

Cotton creases really easily, so pack in your cotton-polyester blends for travelling. It has a softer texture and doesn’t crease as easily as a pure cotton shirt.


It’s no secret that here at GirlOnTheBus, we love linen! Loosely woven fabric means an airy-fairy feeling during the heatwaves ahead. Linen clothing hardly clings to the body and absorbs sweat really well, leading to a cool-feel all day long.

Also it isn’t as stiff as cotton may feel, but linen tends to crease just as easily. So again, opt for a linen-polyester blend if having to hit the ironing board is not your forte.


Soft, thin-feeling and super luxurious – silk offers a summer statement worth the price tag. Tightly woven silk will prove a challenge to wear, so be sure to wear a garment with a light or plain weave. It absorbs sweat really well and will keep your bits feeling cool and breezy all night long.

Just remember that these delicate fibres tend to break down easily in full sunlight and after regular wearing – so reserve that silk palazzo for a really special event.


Think your denim shorts look cute? Well, they do – but don’t tell me that you love the feeling of sweat dripping down your leg. News flash – you don’t! Instead, opt for chambray, which is a breathable version of thick, hardy denim. It looks like denim, but feels way lighter and will look good in the full summer sun!

I scream , you scream: CHAMBRAY! CHAMBRAY!


A man-made material from chemically treated, natural materials like wood pulp, cellulose and cotton. Rayon is a lightweight fabric perfect for humid summer days. It won’t absorb sweat (which is the key to keeping you cool), but this fabric is great for drapey, flowy clothes.

 Don’t be quick to throw it into the washing machine with your cotton shirt – the fibres are really delicate! So either dry-clean or “delicate wash” your rayon clothes.


Tough, breatheable and lightweight – fresco is a must for the gentle-man-and-woman! It’s made of a high twist wool, which allows for insanely good air circulation. For my suit lovers out there, this high twisted wool and plain weave won’t just make you look cool, but definitely feel cool too! Think, “built-in air-conditioning“!

Because of the high twist, it has a course feel to it – but that’s what makes this fabric also really durable. It’s perfect for the travelling professional!


No ironing needed, lightweight and very comfortable to wear – seersucker is what you need for your summer party wardrobe! Typically worn to fancy boat and garden parties, this lightly puckered material has been used exclusively to create formal wear for the summer and spring seasons.

It’s part of the cotton family which means that it will absorb all your hard-partying sweat and allow the evening breeze to cool you down. Plus, seersucker comes in a variety of colours but is often sold with a trademark striped or checked print. Super preppy!

If you have any other preferences or know of any other materials perfect for the warm weather let me know in the comments down below ❤


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