Summer Must-haves πŸ’Ž (SKINCARE)

A new blog series with all that you need for the Summer season. We’re talking skincare, glamour and ideal headscarf materials to keep you looking fab, collected and (most importantly) cool during this, or any summer for that matter!

Looking after your skin during Summer means switching to “refreshing and calming” products. Winter months often suck the life and moisture from your face, but Summer days are harsh in a different way. For one, the sun is snuggling up pretty close with sister Earth, meaning that you’ll have to take the risk of sun damage to your skin into consideration when going on a road trip with your girls! So, without further ado, here are some skincare products recommendations to combat the harsh summer weather:

🌞 Facial Toner

This product is something I never leave the house without – I’d rather forget my keys than my toner! In case you didn’t know, a toner is a product used to help soothe, rejuvenate and tone the skin (kinda says that in the name). An excellent and gentle way to remove makeup and impurities. It is applied after you cleanse your face and preps it for your moisturisation routine, but toners can definitely be used without having cleansed your face before hand. It works great as a shine remover, for when your face gets a bit sweaty. Overall, it helps your face feel fresh and happy – giving you that splashed-with-cold-water feel without all of the ‘water’ bits ruining your clothes or getting in your watch…

Personal Favourites – Clicks Skincare Collection Tea Tree and Cucumber Oil Control Toner & African Extracts Rooibos Refreshing Toner

🌞 Body Spritzer

Firstly, thank you so much to my friend Nabeelah for introducing me to the wonders of a body spritzer – talk about invigorating! This is a product that you casually spritz all over your body. The mist effect is cooling and refreshing, plus, if you find that your skin is beginning to feel all kinds of gross – this product will help give that dipped into a quick shower feel. The travel-sized bottles make it a handy-handbag addition to any long day at work or a day out at the beach!  

My favourites are the Clicks Strawberry Refreshing Body Spritzer and  Oh So Heavenly Sensations Viva La Vanilla Body Spritzer.

🌞 Face wash

If you have read my most recent blog-post , you’ll know that my skin type has gone through some dramatic changes… So finding the perfect face wash is mega important. You want something that will cleanse and refresh your skin so that no breakouts happen, but you also don’t want to strip all the moisture from your face (leaving it vulnerable to the sun). I mean, I know the hot sun and the desert go together, but that does not mean your dry skin is the same! Also note, it’s best to do any kind of deep cleansing on the weekends or days you’re definitely not going out. In Summer, you especially don’t want to damage or break your skin with harsh chemicals or rough exfoliation.

A few that I would definitely recommend – African Extracts Rooibos Spot-Control Face Wash and Oh So Heavenly Stop the Clock Facial Wash

– I swear this post is not sponsored by Oh So Heavenly! But I wouldn’t say no if they wanted to…

🌞 Hydrating face masks

The Summer weather causes a lot of us to sweat (believe me I’ve met a few people who don’t) and this can cause some to breakout. What people often do is use products that take away all the good oils, so that the shine on their forehead doesn’t show – but taking away your face’s natural lubricants will cause it to overproduce its oils! So, it’s important to remember that if you take away all the sebum in your face, you have to supplement it with good natural oils from either skincare products or natural products like fruits, milk and olive oil. However, to give your face a deep re-hydrating pampering session, a face mask could be more up your street. Plus – they smell great! One brand I have become obsessed with is Cettua. Now, as much as it pains me, I’m not going to rave about how magnificent they are – I’m saving all that energy for the next blog, fully dedicated to my best friend Cettua (not sponsored, but please sponsor my blogs). If you do not have the honour of getting your hands on these, no worries – hydrating and enriching facial masks are everywhere! (Note: these masks are cloth masks) 

Personal favourites – Cettua Pore Control Facial Mask & Sorbet Soothing Serum Brightening Facial Mask

Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!

🌞 Moisturiser

Honey… so many people forget that this is one step of the beauty routine you cannot miss. I’ve been speaking about sweating and shine, and after all that it may sound counter-intuitive. On the contrary, my fair maiden, moisturising your face is probably the best thing you can do this Summer. Often, oil control products leave your face feeling dry; which may be what you want, but it’s not what your face needs. When you take away ALL the oils from your face, you’re taking away the good and bad oils. Your skin needs to produce its natural oil to protect itself; without it your skin starts to overproduce sebum, leading to breakouts and clogged pores. The same goes for people with oily skin – washing your face regularly can help remove dirt and excess oil, but over washing it is a BIG no no! So, in both instances, the face feels dry and you’ll feel emotionally drained. Moisturising calms your skin, tells it that it can relax on the oil production – ‘cos you got it covered! The best piece of advice I have ever received concerning moisturisers: water and oil based creams! If you have dry skin, use oil-based creams. And if you have oily skin, use water-based creams (water-based creams are usually labelled as ‘oil-free’). 

Personal favourites: Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer (water-based) & Clean and Clear Vanishing Cream (oil-based)

Now, my lovelies that is the end of this Summer Must-haves. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and found it super helpful.

If you have any advice or perhaps know of any natural remedies feel free to leave a comment!.

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