Thanks, It Was On Sale!

Across Cape Town  are dozens of thrift markets and rummage sales, but one local treasure of mine is The Goodwood Thrift Market.

It’s an event that turns this often quiet town into a buzzing suburb – beside getting to meet other residents of Goodwood, you can also get a new drip for a low, low price!

This year, I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing the stellar team behind the event!

Supplied by The Goodwood Market.

Who came up with the idea for the market? What was the inspiration?

Tamerrin, founder and event organiser, has a passion for fashion and comes from a fashion designing-family. Loving garments but not their retail prices, nor the idea of how fast fashion is capitalising on seasonal trends, an event of this nature was the answer. As an advocate for lightening our carbon footprint, it dawned on her how much material actually contributes to landfill sites.

The perfect solution was to offer a platform to anyone who has the same passion (combined with lots of impulse purchases) and wishes to enjoy a financial return on their fashion investments.

The idea was so well received by vintage garment collectors, fashion addicts, thrifters, recyclers, entrepreneurs and bargain hunters that the event soon had to expand to allow thrift items such as home decor, garden accessories, cosmetics, fragrances etc.

Supplied by The Goodwood Market.

Which of the market days has stood out for you the most?

Each market day is unique in the sense that new traders join, and with that they bring their own flavour attracting new customers. We can honestly say each event is special to us.

Supplied by Zahaa Safodien.

Do you see regular stall holders attending each market day?

The market is enjoying a loyal following – which is wonderful, because it becomes more of a family as relationships and friendships are formed. Not just between the organisers but also among the traders, and patrons alike. It is heartwarming to see traders hug each other and using the day to trade while catching up.

Handmade dress by Zahaa Safodien.

How has the entire thing been – planning, organising and finally hosting the Goodwood Thrift Market?

We are so blessed that most of the time we are fully booked before we are even able to extend invitations to our database. Our team always works hard at creating as much interest in the event by means of advertising – listing it on event sites, radio stations and local newspapers.

Most of the planning is mainly with promoting the event and setting up of the venue prior to the date. Staying in contact with our traders with what to expect in regard to parking, layout and stand location is key. This allows no confusion or last minute hold-ups… then, its 9am and we are ready to welcome patrons with fantastic bargains!

Supplied by The Goodwood Market.

Has the organising team bought items at the market? Was it a good bargain?

Yes, we absolutely support our traders and shop from them. There are so many bargains and the quality of the items are always so good… it’s hard not to buy. The best bargain we have bought was a leather handbag from India, purchased for R30. We researched the brand and product code, it turns out it’s worth R2700 on eBay.

What is the plan for 2020?

For 2020, we are very excited to announce that we will be enjoying a monthly market. Patrons may now get their bargain fix every first Saturday of the month, starting 1 February.

A huge THANK YOU to The Goodwood Market Team for the information and images. We would like to wish Tamerrin and her team nothing but the best for the future and we look forward to rummaging for more Black Friday-worthy deals!

Feel most welcome to request an invitation to join The Goodwood Fashion & Thrift Market via the booking team: or Whatsapp 064 529 8020.

–also a HUGE thank you to my fashion-forward friend, Zahaa Safodien for her images as well as my patient editor, Saadiqah Schroeder for ensuring this post is easy to read!


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