Don’t Sleep, Eat Chocolate!

Meditation is not for everyone, but it works wonders for even the most stressed-out person.

When meditation is given as a solution to the downward spiral of your life, you might think “well, what a load of bull-“. I know…

But, meditation is about more than just sitting in a quiet corner, on a yoga mat with some incense burning – it actually takes a lot of mental magic for it to work. The truth is, once you’ve mastered this magic, you’ll attest to its power over any relaxing pill or activity.

So today, my little chickpeas, I want to help you find your own (meditative) flow. This way, when life gives you lemons, you’ll not only be able to make lemonade, but lemon meringue pie too!

Eat Chocolate

Yes you read that right – eat chocolate for a fabulous take on classic meditation. Now, if a bloc-o-choc is not your thing, you can substitute it with any other food: melon cubes, apple slices, salami slices, whatever you can think of! (For continuity’s sake, we’re going to stick with a block of chocolate.)

Step 1: find a quiet space.

This could be inside your room, outside or even lying on the backseat of your car. What’s most important is to find a space that’s calm, quiet and comfy.

Step 2 : breathe deeply

Whether you’re lying on a mat or sitting cross-legged under the kitchen table; place your hands on your body, just below your ribs, on your diaphragm.

Breathe in – like, a lot of oxygen – through your nose. Hold the breath for two seconds and slowly let the breathe out through your mouth.

Feel your lungs expand beneath your hands…

… your shoulders rise with each inhale, and drop neutrally as you exhale.

Close your eyes and go through some more cycles of breath.

Step 3 : enjoy some cocoa

Take a small bite of the chocolate. Place the segment on your tongue and allow it to slowly melt at your body temperature.

Enjoy the flavour – the deep, earthy and nutty notes mixed with sweet, refined fruity flavours.


Breathe in deeply through your nose… exhale slowly through your mouth.

Relax your shoulders, don’t overarch your back and keep your hands placed on your diaphragm.

Step 4 : fill your mind

Repeat the processes: find comfort, breathe, nibble some chocolate. Once you’ve gone through one segment of the food of your choice. Open your eyes and think about what you just experienced.

There are more ways to concentrate during meditation besides having your eyes closed, eating dessert. I mean, we have other senses, why not put them to good use?!

Soundwaves = sound mind

Using sound to heighten your level of concentration is what most people think of when it comes to meditation. Whale noises, lofi beats, repeating “omm” every few seconds – choose whichever works for you.

When I was just getting into meditation, I found that having other sounds in the room split my concentration and I was unable to fully immerse myself.

However, having a single sound like “omm” or the ding of a tuning fork will work far better than crashing waves – especially if you’re still green to all of this.

Step 1 : surround sound

For this, make sure that you prepare a space for optimal meditation.

Fill the room, and your ears, with a pleasant noise. Sit, or lay, still and listen…

Pay no attention to anything, or anyone else. Simply listen, and enjoy the few minutes you’ve set aside for yourself.

Step 2 : don’t forget to breathe

Place your hands on your diaphragm and take a deep breath in. Fill your lungs until they reach their max, then slowly let the breath out through your mouth.

Since you’re meditating with sound, try and focus on the sound of your breathing. Can you hear it gliding through your nostrils? Hear it whistle through your teeth as you breathe out…

In those few minutes, did you feel relaxed – like your head was filled with nothing but concentration and calm? Did the tangle at the back of your neck loosen slightly?

If you feel slightly happy, then well done! You’ve successfully meditated – and with ease, I might add.

If you still don’t feel satisfied – no worries. There are a flurry of reasons why the meditation didn’t work for you; (1)It could be that whatever is stressing you out is too deeply etched in your brain, (2)the space you did the meditation in was too distracting, or (3)you simply need a different way of reflecting and relaxing.

Each individual is different and regardless of how amazing meditation can be, it isn’t for everyone – and that’s okay!

Tell us in the comments about how you like to relax. Do you take time to relax? Perhaps it’s one of your New year’s resolutions?

As we venture off into the new year, and new decade, let’s take a moment to appreciate all that we have accomplished – big and small. Take the time to relax and clear your mind for all the new things you’re about to learn and experience in the new year!

From the GirlOnTheBus team, we want to wish you all a blessed new year ahead. We hope it will be a decade filled with laughter, success and good amounts of stress 😁

Here you can see Editor Saadiqah taking a super sassy pic of me

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