#HORROR-SHORROR: Haunted House

I had never been the person to get frightened easily. 

In fact, I never really got frightened at all. I was the kind of person that thought horror movies were dumb and too predictable, I could always tell who would die first and who would be the one to survive.

I found clowns funny, which wasn’t creepy – or at least I didn’t think it was – because that was their sole purpose. My friends were never be able to scare me because I’d always see them coming before anything happened. 

My mom said it was because I was observant, somehow I didn’t believe her. 

My friends always got annoyed with me because of this – they never stopped trying to scare me. They’d take me to watch countless of horror films even if they couldn’t stand watching it themselves, they’d even pull pranks on me in the middle of a school day (like this one time when they had literally everyone not come to school for a day, so I was practically alone at school). 

I honestly don’t know what they were thinking with that one.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised when they invited me along to check out a house that everyone had been saying was haunted. I had my mom drop me at the house, because no one was able to pick me up.

The house didn’t seem that bad at first, a bit battered and bruised and there were many holes in the walls. One of the windows looked like it was smashed with a rock, some of the glass still laying on the patio. The house looked dull and empty, the only thing that brought life to it was the rocking chair that was still rocking back and forth on the patio – due to the wind, I’m sure.

Thirty minutes later, I was still waiting for my friends. The sun was setting and I was starting to think that it was part of their plan to get me to go through the haunted house alone. To make matters worse, I had no cell service. 

After another twenty minutes of waiting I gave up and decided to go in alone. I walked up the patio stairs and opened the door, which creaked loudly. I stepped into the house, it was absolutely dark, so I grabbed my phone and turned on its flashlight. The door then slammed behind me, I chuckled because it was so cliché.

I shone the flashlight around to get a good look around the house. There was furniture covered in cobwebs and dust and creepy stairs that looked like it would cave in at any moment. I was certain my friends planned for me to go into this house alone and I was sure they were watching, so for their amusement, I decided to go upstairs. 

The steps creaked as I walked on them, there were spiders crawling up and down the railing – I shivered in disgust. There were a couple of rooms upstairs, all of them had furniture covered in dust, some of them still with plastic covers over them.

A sound rang out from behind me. I turned around, pointing my phone around the room. 

“Carla!? Guys, is that you?!” I shouted as I made my way out of the room. 

I could imagine them laughing from wherever they were, thinking that I was getting scared, but I really wasn’t. After a couple more minutes of exploring the house, I found myself at the back door. Something at the foot of the door caught my eye and I bent down to get a closer look. It was a red, sticky liquid and it had a strong metallic smell. 


“Okay, Maddy, no need to freak out. It’s not real,” I told myself, because actual blood made me really queasy – which was weird, I know.

I opened the door before I realised that the door knob was completely covered in the fake blood. I closed my eyes and stepped outside. I opened my eyes and froze. 

That was when I realised that the blood wasn’t fake. 

There, in the backyard, lay my friends, all of them covered in blood. A puddle of their blood surrounded them, completely soaking the grass.

“Okay, guys. You can stop now, I’m officially scared!” I shouted into the forest around me, my voice wavering. “Did you hear what I said!? I’m officially scared!” 

I kept silent just in case I could hear their laughter but all I heard were crickets and the sound of owls hooting. I fell to my knees, tears threatening to escape my eyes, my eyes then fell on the trail of blood leading towards the front of the house. I jumped up and decided to follow it. 

The trail led me far from the house, and what I found was not a sight that made me feel relieved, it just made everything worse. I saw Nick’s car, the same car that I was supposed to drive home in that night, completely smashed and battered. No one would have been able to survive the impact that the case received. 

Bile started rising in my throat and tears escaped my eyes. How did everything turn so bad, so fast? How were they moved from the car to the house and why? 

I heard a sound of movement from behind me and I turned around. The last thing I remember seeing, before passing out, was a hooded figure lurking in the darkness.

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