Corona Cancelled my Graduation!

I would’ve made a beautiful graduate

To my parents, grandparents, sisters and supportive friends and family – shukran for your kind duahs, great efforts and small, significant wishes. Alhamdulillah, even though my time at Damelin was not stellar, I found something I am good at – Something I’m really good at and that feels really good.

I’d like to sincerely end off this sarcasm-fueled speech with this: family, Shukran. Friends, arigato. Classmates, thank you. Lecturers, stay strong and kassie… and Damelin City Campus: where’s my tablet*?

But when it’s all said and done – thanks for the three years Damelin!

*A/n: Damelin offers its students free Huawei tablets each year, given they enrol before a certain date. Myself and numerous other students are still waiting for them, but it’s whatever at this point LOL.

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