#COLLAB: Student Troubles, Triumphs and Tests of Bravery… Part 2

Study and work

In radiography, as much as there was theory, there were practicals equally as difficult. Part of our practical experience is working in a hospital: second year students spend two weeks at hospital and two weeks at campus. As a first year we were not often exposed to hospital work, but this year I found myself becoming used to the pace and expectations required of us.

Adjusting to school, and then work, was not as hard as I expected it to be. I felt that doing both school and work balanced each other out quite well, but this might have been because we had not yet experienced the peak of the year (due to striking and the current quarantine).

As a first year student I found myself juggling between studies, adjusting to hospital life, and on the side tutoring to primary and high school learners. While filling in my calendar dates of tests, assignments, in-hospital practical tests and tutoring my students, it seemed overwhelming. Now that I look back, I don’t particularly remember being overly stressed or too worried, I just took it one day at a time; I dealt with whatever I needed to as it came.


 I wish all of the best to those who have the virus and those that had loved ones who lost their lives to it.

It has been a very sad reality, especially for us as students working in hospitals. I feel like reality only hit when we were officially told to stay indoors, and fortunately it meant not going to school or work.

The reality of my situation isn’t stressful at all, and I recognize what a privilege that is.  I have access to all our university online sources but I know this is not the reality for most others. Within my course we have not had any online classes, but course content as well as assignments given to us before the quarantine period.

Having motivation to sit with my schoolwork amongst the ‘at home distractions’ is what I am struggling with the most; because we don’t have official due dates or tests it feels like I am just supposed to revise for fun. Revising school content is very important but it is difficult to limit your series and phone time when there is so much free time now.

I have recently tried to be more productive, to be more motivated, whether it be exercise, eating better, painting, baking, cooking, religious studies or recently (trying) reading. I don’t know how that will go; I read two pages, 4 days ago, and stopped.

I also recognize that we should be patient with ourselves and take each day as it comes. With having all this time, don’t feel bad if you have been slightly unproductive. Just do what makes you happy each day – do things that keep you motivated, positive and feeling good. We can all overcome this by the will of God.

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