Coconut Water is Disgusting

High in Vitamin C, antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals, and a bunch of minerals; like magnesium, calcium and potassium, and those oh-so-precious electrolytes! Coconut water has been a trendy super-water since the early 2000s – and you can thank those yoga-heads for it. But before the sudden health craze, it was an ancient staple for many people living in parts of Southern Asia; where coconut trees produce bounteous harvests in the hot, humid climate.

So… it must be amazing right? Actually, I absolutely despise it!

Derek Story / Unsplash

Well, I won’t deny that coconut water has a multitude of health benefits. But when I poured myself a little shot glass to taste, my stomach churned and contracted more violently than a bad period cramp once it hit my lips.

‘How do people drink this stuff neat?’

Maybe it was my uncultured palate that was getting in the way of me benefitting from all those minerals? I mean, it has loads of minerals, fibre and vitamins! Of course it must be delicious.

The second swig was just as painful as the first.

I’ve read many positive reviews of the nutty aromas and sweet tasting juice, but my experience could not be further from the truth. It was, to say the least, horrid. A crossbreed between sweaty socks and salt mixed with the dirt the coconut tree grew in. From what I’ve read it is this beautiful marriage of salts and sugars in the juice that hydrate you better than any ‘ol glass of water.

This is my face after tasting it and then asking myself why I bought it! Thought Catalog / Unsplash

And I’m not alone on this, many people across the Internet have no clue ‘why the rave’!? I will give this palates-fanatic favourite a thumbs up for when it is prepared in some way. I used it in a spinach-mint and ginger smoothie, and it added this subtle sweetness to it that really balanced out the earthiness of the spinach and the warmth of the ginger.

So, should you buy yourself a few green coconuts and video yourself in slo-mo as you take a hack at it with a machete? Or even pop in to your local ‘health foods’ aisle and pay a pretty penny for a bottle of this miracle water?

I’d say, if you have the means, the curiosity and the urge to start on your ‘healthy eating’ resolutions mid-year – then go forth and drink, my lovelies! There’s honestly no harm in trying or forming your own opinion after experiencing drinking liquid insides of a baby coconut (yum).

I’ve seen so many differing opinions on coconut water and although this fruit’s water didn’t make me feel like an oranged-tanned bikini beach babe, there are others who swear by its magical properties. I want to know if you have a taste for coconut water or not – share your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to tag us on the socials too.

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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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