#RIME-TIME: Mirrors

From the editor: when reading this poem for the first time, I imagined a conversation between 2 people in a relationship – until I read the final 2 lines. Reading the poem as a whole spoke greatly to the perceptions some of us may have about ourselves; while it’s not the cheeriest start to the September month, I loved the poem too much to not post. Let me know what you think about Mirrors down below!✨


Written by Anonymous


I see you as you see me

I stand before you, begging:

let me free

you say you can see all that I am

do you really?

Because all I see –

is what you show me


I stare

deeper and deeper

into your blank expression

Wondering if I’m more of a friend

or a foe to you

Questioning me with self-doubt,

still wondering if I seem low to you

Then I realise…

you’re just my reflection

A mirror image of my own dark soul.

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