It’s time for a little Spoopiness ๐ŸŽƒ

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With bright yellows, pastel blues and pinks, and flower patterns, it is time for GirlOnTheBus to take a darker turn – after all, October is Halloween Month. While the opinions surrounding celebrating Halloween vary, we thought it may be a good time for our #HORROR-SHORROR writers to take the stage and shine in all their glory.

Since October just so happens to be the month of Spoopy, we hope you will enjoy the few stories being told on this month’s GOTB bus rides (hehe I think I’ll coin this for the posts on GOTB). You can expect gory, bloody, gut-wrenching, bloodcurdlingly horrific stories and posts this month – no more niceness…


But don’t worry, we’ll be returning to our quirky, chirpy, and bright selves once the October phase of our blog is over! We do hope that you will enjoy our #HORROR-SHORROR theme for this month, and that you’ll come out still sane afterwards๐Ÿ˜Š.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to submit any poems, stories, drabbles, articles etc. for October-spoopy (or any other time) then please contact us, or reach us on our email

To kick-off this spoopy month, and end the annoyingly bright September, here’s the first installment of my poem duo, The Clouds, as a treat:

The Clouds I

Passing through the sky – jolly, merry.

A laugh, not a cry, not a waving goodbye

shaking hands โ€œhey how are youโ€.

See you at the overcast!

Growing growing

cloudlets moaning

โ€œtime to go homeโ€

… before the gods arrive.


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