#RIME-TIME: The poem I should’ve written


E/N: The poem is self-explanatory, so I felt the writer didn’t need to add the usual little explanation/motivation to accompany it.

Written by ‘The Traveller’

The poem I should’ve written, should’ve been about her.

3 years ago she wrote me a letter, telling me how she felt. Lord knows I felt the same but my bloodshot eyes made me go insane.

My bloodshot eyes infected my mind and made me feel unworthy.

Brought back to life and felt so dizzy…

The next day I left. I should’ve said something sooner… 

I should’ve told her, I’m falling in love with the person before me. Should’ve told her I don’t want to leave, I’m too young and it’s too early. 

Took the journey and felt regret, upon seeing my hometown once again. 

A few months went by, I should’ve asked why she’d been so quiet… 

Tortured by solitude, my thoughts left in silence. Not physical but performing emotional self-violence. Destroying myself with narcotics partnered with ciders. Smile on my face as I entertain backstabbers and liars. 

I came home. I should’ve ran to her… 

I spoke to her that night, texting back and forth as I lay on the floor, hoping, praying she’d come through the door. I should’ve told her I missed her I should’ve told her I cared. 

I couldn’t let her fall for me, I was too weak. 

I kept my distance to protect her, deflect her, almost to reject her. When I saw her again in person I melted, but melted in silence. 

We stopped speaking. I should’ve said something… 

Again she was in my sight. Not in my circle. In the distance, her smile not the same, her eyes still so bright. I think about her every day and every single night…. 


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One thought on “#RIME-TIME: The poem I should’ve written

  1. I’ve seen a lot of the travellers work, this is by far the most vulnerable and open they have ever been. It has raw and unchecked emotion that any can relate to. Excellent work

    Liked by 1 person

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