The 2020 Bus Ride: Our Year in Review 🚌

2020 has been a wild (unexpectedly long) bus ride for all of us: we’ve hit lots of bumps on the road, but we’ve managed to have a little fun regardless.

This year we tried out, and added, a few new things: new, talented writers; new SPOOPY posts for October; posting once a week; lots and lots of poetry and short stories. It’s (semi-) safe to say that 2020 was our fullest bus ride yet and we’re super thankful for that.

To prepare for 2021, and the ideas we’ve got stacked up, here’s a review of everything we’ve done together on the bus this year.

P.S. Authors who do not have their own profiles on GOTB have Italicised names.


We looked at lots of things we liked

We spoke about some films, and series

The students on the bus told us about themselves


We shared our thoughts through our stories and poetry

In fact, we had so many thoughts to share that there are too many to add to this measly post!

Check out the #RIME-TIME, #STORYTIME and the writers’ profiles for all the poetry and stories published this year…

We gave each other chills with Spoopy stories

This year we decided to have a whole month dedicated to Spoopiness – October was our official month of all things scary, and our writers shone brighter than a full moon.

To see all the Spoopy posts on GOTB, check out the #HORROR-SHORROR tag, as well as the writers’ profiles.

We gave each other some advice and reviews of our favourite places

We thanked each other as we got ready to jump off at our 2021 bus stop

Taken from @zilaifeng on Tumblr

GirlOnTheBus would not be what it is without everyone that took the ride with us: all the bumps, the awkward silences, the excessive noisiness and the good times we’ve had.

2020 may have been a challenging year, but for us at GirlOnTheBus we are extremely grateful for everything we’ve accomplished this year. We hope to see you all ready to hop on the ride again at the 2021 GOTB stop…

Happy New Year everyone!🎇


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