Introducing #SHADY🎨

Artwork by Melanie Vugich: @melanievugich on Instagram

2021 is in full swing! After the rollercoaster that we were all forced onto last year, let’s all speak happiness and tranquillity into existence for this new year ahead🕊️

That said, last year we tried our hand at a lot of creativeness – thanks to our lovely writers 2020 was an amazing year for GirlOnTheBus. This year, we’re going through a makeover – new colours, new images… but same eccentricity (if not more). Adding on, we’ve also come up with a few ideas for this year to truly make the blog ✨shine✨


To celebrate the vibrancy of life, and the good times, we came up with our first idea for 2021, drumroll…

#SHADY🎨! This is our latest idea all about the emotions, aesthetics and meanings behind the colours of life. This means that each month will have its own colour theme encompassing the events of that month, or a colour that we felt just ‘fit’ the month it was assigned to.

Want to join the ride? Then come and get a bus ticket! Well, more like ‘send us an email’ at… we’re always welcoming more creative humans.

Here’s to a colourful 2021: filled with new stories, poems, articles and different shades of quirkiness🏳️‍🌈

Sleep on your bed, not on DAY6.

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