#SHADY: The White Rabbit Needs A Chill Pill

Art by @melanivugich on Instagram

Time is such a funny thing. It is funny how it constantly moves, with nature’s limbs and breath acting as a handler, yet it feels so unmoving and still.

In the grand scheme of things, it was ‘just yesterday’ when slavery ended, when cars become functioning essentials. Imam Abdullah Haron mysteriously ‘died’ and the Internet became an additional section to the human brain.

Our world has had a few growth spurts in a truly short time. It must be exhausted – do you feel the same?


Recently falling part of the mundane (and inevitable) nine-to-five species of human beings, I’ve come to realise just how quickly the world has been conditioned to move. Look at all the inventions that have come to fruition over the span of a few years. We are a curious bunch – always wanting to solve the next puzzle, cure the disease, reach the higher peaks. It’s innate.

But what is the rush?

Are we afraid of some kind of impending doom, that we speedily climb those mountains trying to find some solution to why there are just never enough hours in the day? To go back in our memory so we can make the probability in the ‘I should have said this’ and the ‘I should have said that’ come true? Is time our enemy? Is the concept of time that much of an obstacle in our lives simply because it is the one thing we have failed to control – much like death?

Time is a fickle game. It inspires humans to change, to adapt, to reflect. But our uncertain amount of time given to each of us is scary. Just how many times will you be able to greet your partner ‘good morning’? How many steps do you have left to take? How many tickets do you have left for the ride?

Image by @leah_berman on Instagram

Why worry?

We have become caught in making this temporary life so grand and luxurious. It’s right, we want to live good lives. Yet, we lose time working for the lavish dream we will never have, arguing instead of resolving our conflicts. Living with regret instead of finding peace. Time is a fickle game, but it is a game nonetheless. So play, and have fun.

The time we are in now is a scary one. Loved ones are leaving us, some suffering in hospitals, families falling apart, and it is a time for us to reflect. Make amends with those around you, finally push yourself to do that small act of kindness you’ve been putting off, write a blog post or some poetry, fall in love with the world around you. Notice the trees that have witnessed the centuries of time passed, speak to old people who have lived through decades of world history. Appreciate the yearly changes that you have undergone…The person you have become.


Just as the subtle rivers carve the rugged faces of the mountains, your being is gently being pushed along the current of time. Nothing can delay nor hasten it beyond what is written for us. Do not force or sacrifice yourself for the sake of fitting into a conventional box, there is no honour in that.

For the rest of this year, take things in stride, stick to your morals and ethics but do not restrict your game plan, you are capable of playing this fickle game.

GIF by @kyecheng on Tumblr

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