#SHADY: The Colours for this Year

Art taken from @seaoflove on Tumblr: “hilma af clint, untitled (1931)”

One of our first ideas for 2021 was to introduce the theme of colours for each month: emotions, aesthetics, meaningfulness and more. The idea behind #SHADY is to celebrate the vibrancy of the spectrum of life – especially after the year we’ve had in 2020🌟.

Here are the colours for #SHADY 2021:

  • Feb: White – fresh starts, love
  • March: Aquamarine – calmness, International Women’s Day
  • April: Yellow – happiness, Ramadaan
  • May: Peach – nature, flora, Mothers’ Day
  • June: Light Blue – peacefulness
  • July: Red – contentment
  • Aug: Green – youth, nurturing, youth, Women’s Month
  • Sept: Brown – strength, Heritage Month
  • Oct: Pink/Black – Cancer Awareness Month, Halloween
  • Nov: Lilac – Beauty, Days of Activism
  • Dec: Gold – festivity, celebration

We keep GOTB alive by asking our community for contribution – and we are always open to new creatives. If you’d like to send us some your writing, then contact us at girlonthebusza@gmail.com 🐥


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