#RIME-TIME: Are you okay?

Art by deisa on Instagram

E/N: While March introduces our next #SHADY theme, I couldn’t resist posting this poem before any ‘aquamarine’ posts.


Written by The Traveller

Are you okay?
It’s always asked too late, too seldom, after the fact.
Deal with your shit. Nobody’s going to do it for you. But don’t forget to speak about it.


Let me speak about the problem to be told it’s a problem, lazy answers from lazy mouths filled with conceited responses.

I’m no different, I don’t know why it bothers me.

I guess I’m still waiting for someone to ask.
So I’ll remain silent about my conflict and hope nobody sees it and my eyes don’t reveal it.

I know you feel the same, you wish somebody could guide you in the right way. I’m sorry it’s not me. I’m sorry it’s not today.

But you and I, we struggle, hustle, fumble, tremble, let our hearts rumble. All in silence.

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