#SHADY: If it’s Yellow, Let it Mellow or Make it Glow!

Taken from @mcoswalt on Unsplash

Our tiny little chunk of rock (that’s how I like to think of Earth) has witnessed many great changes in a truly short amount of time. In my January post, I spoke about the fickle game we all play – time – and how we’re all born into this never ceasing rat race. Sometimes we just need a break. A break from toxic people, harmful places, scary thoughts… something to help us recover and relax. This is what I associate the blessed Islamic month of Ramadaan with.

Ramadaan is one of the months that form part of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is during this month that Muslims engage in compulsory fasting and abstaining from food and drink during the daylight hours. The fast is broken at sunset when the sky is red and is resumed in the morning before the sun rises.

Trust me though, this month is so spiritually spiced and human beings are created with such unknown resilience that your body and mind soon adapt to the changes. And as every Muslim will have you know, you might not be eating during the day, yet people pack on the most weight in these 30 days because of those delicious savouries, sweets and hearty dishes served at fast break (get it, breakfast).

E/N: I do not condone such corny jokes, and would like to not be associated with such behaviour…

But this seemingly sudden change is more than just ‘starving’ ourselves. This abstinence extends to other worldly pleasures that can sometimes weigh down on us. These pleasures differ between people and cultures. For me, I take this month as a time to refrain from swearing (especially when I drive), chocolates, delaying my prayers for other things, and spending hours watching reaction videos about Nickacado Avocado.

Remember that spiritual spice I spoke about? Yes! The Almighty did not hold back, and this period is simply filled with opportunities to achieve great blessings, ask for forgiveness, make amends, and set goals for the rest of the year ahead.

Ramadaan is a time to rest your body and recharge your spirit.

How often are we not made to simply accept situations that allow us to live materialistically in this world. A temporary world, nonetheless. We hustle so hard and never reach contentment, because we’re forced to believe that what we have is never, and will never, be enough. We sacrifice our souls, our hearts – and for what? A fleeting sense of admiration, until we become yesterday’s news.

Your heart, your soul, that connection to your greater purpose, is not worth sacrificing by tethering yourself to this tiny, little chunk of rock. Which is a temporary rock, nonetheless.

Even if you are not observing Ramadaan, make the intention to take your emotions into account and be more mindful of your spiritual and mental and emotional state for the rest of the year. That gut feeling is not all in your head, love.

Take a leap of faith, respect your journey, nourish your mind with knowledge and repair your soul with letting go of your earthly tether, if only but for a moment. Stay hydrated!

Taken from @monstercritic on Unsplash

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “#SHADY: If it’s Yellow, Let it Mellow or Make it Glow!

  1. Nothing that feels like a “spiritual connection” 🤧💛… Oh! Wait!? , did you not make me feel like I’m fasting 😂

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