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#HORROR-SHORROR: The Killings of Everdale : Chapter 1

We drove inside once the gates opened and carried on driving on a long-winded road. Passing by the millions of Lawson Cypress trees, shrubs trimmed to perfection and a pool the size of a football field, tennis courts that covered the land, we finally reached the first row of houses. We reached house number 13, the place we could finally call home after living with my in-laws for 7 dreadful years. Continue reading #HORROR-SHORROR: The Killings of Everdale : Chapter 1

#HORROR-SHORROR: ”I could see it on her face…”

DISCLAIMER: Some of the themes/dialogues in this article deal with abuse and domestic violence, and may be triggering, or uncomfortable for some readers. Please read at your own discretion. I am sitting at the café waiting for Diana; she told me to meet her here, sounding frantic on the phone. ”Meet me at our usual place, at two ‘o clock. I need to meet with … Continue reading #HORROR-SHORROR: ”I could see it on her face…”