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The 2020 Bus Ride: Our Year in Review 🚌

2020 has been a wild (unexpectedly long) bus ride for all of us: we’ve hit lots of bumps on the road, but we’ve managed to have a little fun regardless.

This year we tried out, and added, a few new things: new, talented writers; new SPOOPY posts for October; posting once a week; lots and lots of poetry and short stories. It’s (semi-) safe to say that 2020 was our fullest bus ride yet and we’re super thankful for that.

To prepare for 2021, and the ideas we’ve got stacked up, here’s a review of everything we’ve done together on the bus this year.

P.S. Authors who do not have their own profiles on GOTB have Italicised names.


We looked at lots of things we liked

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#COLLAB: Practical Ways to Limit Screen Time for Young Children

Many of us can’t imagine a life involving limiting screen time for our kids. However, there are certain benefits in limiting screen time for the development of the child for their emotional and physical well-being. These are a few things that can motivate and guide you to limit screen time for your child. Continue reading #COLLAB: Practical Ways to Limit Screen Time for Young Children

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Coconut Water is Disgusting

Coconut water has been a trendy super-water since the early 2000s – and you can thank those yoga-heads for it. But before the sudden health craze, it was an ancient staple for many people living in parts of Southern Asia; where coconut trees produce bounteous harvests in the hot, humid climate. So… it must be amazing right? Actually, I absolutely despise it! Continue reading Coconut Water is Disgusting

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#COLLAB: Student Troubles, Triumphs and Tests of Bravery… Part 2

As a first year student I found myself juggling between studies, adjusting to hospital life, and on the side tutoring to primary and high school learners. While filling in my calendar dates of tests, assignments, in-hospital practical tests and tutoring my students, it seemed overwhelming. Now that I look back, I don’t particularly remember being overly stressed or too worried, I just took it one day at a time; I dealt with whatever I needed to as it came. Continue reading #COLLAB: Student Troubles, Triumphs and Tests of Bravery… Part 2