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BTS 2021: Here are some of our favourite posts

It is no lie – 2021 has been quite the s#itstorm! But if there is one thing we can all agree on – there have been some hidden gems amongst the rubble. Today, let’s take a look at some of our favourite posts on GirlOnTheBus – plus, a happy word from our uber-talented writers! “with writing, there’s always a risk of writing ‘too much’ or … Continue reading BTS 2021: Here are some of our favourite posts

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Easy Weekend Crowd-Pleasers | Recipes For Any Occasion

Set the table, pull out the extra chairs and play that soft house music because these recipes are worth sharing with the ones you love! And if you’re feeling like you need some self-love, the Creamy Curried Pasta recipe is a stunner! Feeling pinched for time, then try the Cheesy Chicken and Corn Wraps! The creator of these tasty creations is the stunning Farzana Kumandan … Continue reading Easy Weekend Crowd-Pleasers | Recipes For Any Occasion

Corona Cancelled my Graduation!

So I had my own Graduation dress-up and ceremony in my house! Big Note – this is a rant-slash-review of my time at Damelin City Campus. Oof! This might get rough. Flashback: we were told that the ceremony was taking place on the 1st of April 2020. Now, my college and I have always had a rocky relationship, so when I learned that my certificate-receiving … Continue reading Corona Cancelled my Graduation!

Weird, creepy bus encounters 🚌

Public transport is a real joy ride. I mean public transport is a wonderful way to experience the city. Okay, let’s just face the facts that public transport comes with it’s own set of weirdos unique characters. Below are a few of my stange bus encounters. Beware! Some may be cringey and NSFK (Not Safe For Kids) Who needs privacy!? So there I was, minding … Continue reading Weird, creepy bus encounters 🚌

Winter in a farm cottage

I don’t know about you, but Winter is my favourite time of the year! You can wear so many cute hijabi-appropriate outfits, snuggle with hot chocolate as rain drips down the windows and most importantly – it’s my birthday! Given you live in the Southern hemisphere, Winter is experienced during the middle of the of the year. Usually June is the month where it’s really … Continue reading Winter in a farm cottage

My trip to Little Indonesia

Imagine waking to the running of river water… Living along a bustling harbour… Bobbing boats and sneaky birds take their place among fishermen… The smell of savoury street food coaxes you towards overhanging banners and steaming woks… Oriental colours, cloth and culture lure the mind to a dimension of vibrance and calm…And where do you possibly find all this in one place? Well, from what I’ve heard, … Continue reading My trip to Little Indonesia