Don’t Sleep, Eat Chocolate!

Meditation is not for everyone, but it works wonders for even the most stressed-out person. When meditation is given as a solution to the downward spiral of your life, you might think “well, what a load of bull-“. I know… But, meditation is about more than just sitting in a quiet corner, on a yoga mat with some incense burning – it actually takes a … Continue reading Don’t Sleep, Eat Chocolate!

My frenemy Acne Vulgaris 3

Adult acne. Glass skin. K-beauty. Vegan skincare Let’s wave goodbye to this series of self-pity, and pave a way for knowledge and self-acceptance! That’s right my dudes, we’re closing off this chapter of my life and I’m leaving you with the last of my acne struggles, and the leftover burnt nuggets of wisdom about the products I use. Where we last left off, I was … Continue reading My frenemy Acne Vulgaris 3

Summer Must-haves🌺 Bye Bye Sweat Patches!

A new blog series with all that you need for the Summer season. We’re talking skincare, glamour and ideal headscarf materials to keep you looking fab, collected and (most importantly) cool during this, or any summer for that matter! Summer will always find us. If you’re a Winter-baby like me, then the warmer months are definitely something you dread. If it’s not a shiny upper … Continue reading Summer Must-haves🌺 Bye Bye Sweat Patches!