Don’t Sleep, Eat Chocolate!

Meditation is not for everyone, but it works wonders for even the most stressed-out person. When meditation is given as a solution to the downward spiral of your life, you might think “well, what a load of bull-“. I know… But, meditation is about more than just sitting in a quiet corner, on a yoga mat with some incense burning – it actually takes a … Continue reading Don’t Sleep, Eat Chocolate!

Simple Student: Creamy Chicken Pasta

Hello my chickpeas! I’ve decide to start this new series where I help you find fun in the kitchen and graduate to Lvl.1 cooks! I’ve called it Simple Student because these recipes are simple, economic for student life and even if you’re a simpleton – these recipes will surely have you cooking yummy foods for yourself in no time! πŸ‘†To start this series off is … Continue reading Simple Student: Creamy Chicken Pasta