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#SHADY: What Does It Mean To Be A Mother?

What does it mean to be a mother ? I stared at the presentation topic in confusion. I understood that they wanted to be creative with mother’s day nearing but this topic made no sense at all. Firstly, what would we, as high school kids, know about being a mother? Secondly, how was this topic even applied to us? Lastly, with the amount of research … Continue reading #SHADY: What Does It Mean To Be A Mother?

#COLLAB : Ultimate Parenting Tips

Zahraa here! To accompany Fatima’s lovely article I will be including a few photos from my childhood to add to the kid-aspect of this post. I’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to my Canadian writing buddy, Fatima for taking the time out of her busy day to write for my little blog. Okay, Fatima – take it away! Many times, as parents, we … Continue reading #COLLAB : Ultimate Parenting Tips