My frenemy Acne Vulgaris 2

Previously on “A Young Woman Complains About Her Acne Story”… I’m kidding! Although some of it may sound like a classic telenovella, I swear everything is all true. All real. Now, where were we… So I started with a new range of skincare products. My sister had some pretty bad acne too, so my mom went and got us pharmaceutical-grade cream – and this just … Continue reading My frenemy Acne Vulgaris 2

My frenemy Acne Vulgaris

From puberty, oily skin and cysts to adult acne, natural medicine and many, many salty tears. Me and acne – we were just frikken meant to be… So, like many girls my first encounter with Acne Vulgaris was around Grade 7, I was thirteen or so at the time. And although I was an early bloomer, getting my period around age ten, my “struggles” with … Continue reading My frenemy Acne Vulgaris