My frenemy Acne Vulgaris 3

Adult acne. Glass skin. K-beauty. Vegan skincare Let’s wave goodbye to this series of self-pity, and pave a way for knowledge and self-acceptance! That’s right my dudes, we’re closing off this chapter of my life and I’m leaving you with the last of my acne struggles, and the leftover burnt nuggets of wisdom about the products I use. Where we last left off, I was … Continue reading My frenemy Acne Vulgaris 3


We tried some homemade face peels, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.Aalia (best friend) says: I have always been really interested in the black mask that’s all over Insta. But they are sooo expensive, therefore these homemade masks caught my eye. Its natural and a cheaper option, with really good results. Here’s what happened – mine consisted of rooibos leaves, vanilla bits, honey … Continue reading HOMEMADE FACE PEELS