My frenemy Acne Vulgaris 3

Adult acne. Glass skin. K-beauty. Vegan skincare Let’s wave goodbye to this series of self-pity, and pave a way for knowledge and self-acceptance! That’s right my dudes, we’re closing off this chapter of my life and I’m leaving you with the last of my acne struggles, and the leftover burnt nuggets of wisdom about the products I use. Where we last left off, I was … Continue reading My frenemy Acne Vulgaris 3

Summer Must-haves 💎 (SKINCARE)

A new blog series with all that you need for the Summer season. We’re talking skincare, glamour and ideal headscarf materials to keep you looking fab, collected and (most importantly) cool during this, or any summer for that matter! Looking after your skin during Summer means switching to “refreshing and calming” products. Winter months often suck the life and moisture from your face, but Summer … Continue reading Summer Must-haves 💎 (SKINCARE)

My frenemy Acne Vulgaris 2

Previously on “A Young Woman Complains About Her Acne Story”… I’m kidding! Although some of it may sound like a classic telenovella, I swear everything is all true. All real. Now, where were we… So I started with a new range of skincare products. My sister had some pretty bad acne too, so my mom went and got us pharmaceutical-grade cream – and this just … Continue reading My frenemy Acne Vulgaris 2

My frenemy Acne Vulgaris

From puberty, oily skin and cysts to adult acne, natural medicine and many, many salty tears. Me and acne – we were just frikken meant to be… So, like many girls my first encounter with Acne Vulgaris was around Grade 7, I was thirteen or so at the time. And although I was an early bloomer, getting my period around age ten, my “struggles” with … Continue reading My frenemy Acne Vulgaris