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Confessions of a Teenage Body Shamer #4

A few weeks later, I sat waiting for my friends in the school cafeteria. It was unusual for Katie and me to arrive there separately. When I searched for her in her classroom, she’d already left. I scanned the room, making sure I had a view of all the entrances, yet neither Katie nor any of my other friends walked through any of them. Suddenly … Continue reading Confessions of a Teenage Body Shamer #4

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The 2020 Bus Ride: Our Year in Review 🚌

2020 has been a wild (unexpectedly long) bus ride for all of us: we’ve hit lots of bumps on the road, but we’ve managed to have a little fun regardless.

This year we tried out, and added, a few new things: new, talented writers; new SPOOPY posts for October; posting once a week; lots and lots of poetry and short stories. It’s (semi-) safe to say that 2020 was our fullest bus ride yet and we’re super thankful for that.

To prepare for 2021, and the ideas we’ve got stacked up, here’s a review of everything we’ve done together on the bus this year.

P.S. Authors who do not have their own profiles on GOTB have Italicised names.


We looked at lots of things we liked

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#COLLAB: Student Troubles, Triumphs and Tests of Bravery… Part 2

As a first year student I found myself juggling between studies, adjusting to hospital life, and on the side tutoring to primary and high school learners. While filling in my calendar dates of tests, assignments, in-hospital practical tests and tutoring my students, it seemed overwhelming. Now that I look back, I don’t particularly remember being overly stressed or too worried, I just took it one day at a time; I dealt with whatever I needed to as it came. Continue reading #COLLAB: Student Troubles, Triumphs and Tests of Bravery… Part 2

Simple Student: Creamy Chicken Pasta

Hello my chickpeas! I’ve decide to start this new series where I help you find fun in the kitchen and graduate to Lvl.1 cooks! I’ve called it Simple Student because these recipes are simple, economic for student life and even if you’re a simpleton – these recipes will surely have you cooking yummy foods for yourself in no time! 👆To start this series off is … Continue reading Simple Student: Creamy Chicken Pasta

#COLLAB: What happens next?

I wrote the poem on a whim, when I was feeling a bit insecure about myself – and my future. Like leaves, we go through different stages of life – I chose to see it as different stages of success. The falling from the tree signals the moving on to something new, the end of dependency…and sometimes that’s scary. The last autumn leaf fell today; … Continue reading #COLLAB: What happens next?