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#HORROR-SHORROR: The Killings of Everdale : Chapter 1

We drove inside once the gates opened and carried on driving on a long-winded road. Passing by the millions of Lawson Cypress trees, shrubs trimmed to perfection and a pool the size of a football field, tennis courts that covered the land, we finally reached the first row of houses. We reached house number 13, the place we could finally call home after living with my in-laws for 7 dreadful years. Continue reading #HORROR-SHORROR: The Killings of Everdale : Chapter 1

10 Films as messed up as 2020…

2020 has been pretty #messedup – and eventful – in the 3 months it’s been alive. There were the Australian bushfires, the swarms of locusts, the leaked conversation between Kanye and Taylor Swift, talks of WW3, that huge asteroid that was seemingly on a warpath towards earth (I don’t trust NASA, not one bit) and… the covid-19 outbreak. While the year is barely even an … Continue reading 10 Films as messed up as 2020…

#HORROR-SHORROR: Haunted House

I had never been the person to get frightened easily.  In fact, I never really got frightened at all. I was the kind of person that thought horror movies were dumb and too predictable, I could always tell who would die first and who would be the one to survive. I found clowns funny, which wasn’t creepy – or at least I didn’t think it … Continue reading #HORROR-SHORROR: Haunted House