#RIME-TIME: The Gaslight (A Short Act)

A poem inspired by the film Gaslight (1940) that inspired the term ‘gaslighting’.

Writer’s note: Often films I see, or stories I read, influence the ideas I have when writing. I recently discovered the film that inspired the term ‘gaslighting’ (Gaslight, 1940) and [badum tss] decided to write something. I often get writer’s block, so poetry is short enough for me to get myself writing, but also get my creativity flowing again. This poem is the first one I have written in nearly 9 months, and I feel it may be simple, but one you can enjoy!

A windswept thief at night

A conniving murderer at dawn

my foolish anticipation of

endearing compliments



colloquial turn of phrase

promising of love and adoration


The footsteps in my head

The dimming gaslight in our home

“perhaps i am mistaken”

(or suffering Stockholm?)

i could have sworn i saw him



Enraged at what i…

or perhaps

the gaslight is still burning bright

and i am (by myself) misled?

Thanks for reading!

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