About me

A Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Cape Town, majoring in Linguistics and Afrikaans with an English Literature and Language elective – phew, that’s quite a boring intro…

From UCT Middle Campus

While I’m a full-time student, I also make time for hobbies that don’t include academic readings and essays (although research is quite enjoyable, I must say).

These hobbies include drawing, painting, reading, films or series and occasional writing. While I am a good writer, my passion lies with proofreading and editing – this is where my experience lies.

Editing and proofreading

Where my writing lies mainly with poetry, I prefer helping other talented writers better their work. Looking back, I’ve always been an editor at heart, because my peers would readily come to me for advice on their written pieces.

Because of my full-time studies, my main source of editing is for GirlOnTheBus, but I also do editing (unprofessionally) for anyone that needs it. Other than that, I also edit for Her Campus UCT Chapter, which is an amazing site similar to our GirlOnTheBus blog. Her Campus UCT is a much larger platform, involving more admin, organisation, and dealing with more sub-commitees as well executives.

In October of 2020, I was elected as Co-Senior Editor of Her Campus UCT; a few months after I had started as an editor for the website. The society has allowed me to develop my interpersonal, and confidence skills – and it has helped in my professionality as an aspiring editor/proof-reader.

My attempt at trying to take an artsy pic

I typically use the knowledge I’ve gained from my literary studies, as well as my linguistic knowledge to help me when editing – especially in terms of understanding meanings or syntactic devices.

Further, the insight gained from reading novels, as well as articles and stories posted on the blog and Her Campus UCT has improved my eye for detail.

Goodwood Islamic Society Outreach

Other than my schoolwork, and editing, I also volunteer at our local masjied for their Mass Iftaars as well as their Outreach Programmes held by the GIS Wellness Centre. At these programmes, I help with admin work such as assisting patients with filling forms, ensuring that the correct forms are submitted as well as answering any admin questions they may have about the programme on that day.

The programmes run typically every few months in a year, and they’re always lots of fun – I do them with my sister, and a few other amazing people. We usually come home feeling REALLY tired, but always enjoy the long day (and the akhni we get to bring home) – the same goes for the iftaars and other masjied events that I help my sister with.

Some fun things

Some people that know me may find this hard to believe, but I do have fun sometimes!

As I mentioned, I do occassional writing, some of which are on this blog (check out my poems), most of which I’m way too chicken to ever publish in any way.

“Flowers” Watercolour pencil on fabriano-paper

I also am an avid drawer (pun intended) and painter. Though I went through the whole of highschool doing art, I haven’t really done much art since then – except the odd birthday card here and there, and most of the art I do now is for my own sanity than for pleasure (sigh).

“Roses” Watercolour pencil on fabriano-paper
“Hibiscus” watercolour pencil on fabriano-paper

(While drawing has not much to do with editing, or my career in any way, it’s a good form of discipline and time management.)


More documents will be uploaded as soon as I have properly compiled them…