#STORYTIME: The She-human

It all started on the 3rd day of summer that year – I found love in an amazing human person. Looking back, I can’t remember my mother’s touch, but I’m sure I was homeless for as long as I can remember. Being homeless was like a nightmare I had to live everyday – like every other street survivor, I had to fend for myself and escape the claws of bigger opposition. Life was difficult and almost called to an end – that was when Molly found me, just lying there lifelessly in a pool of blood. I was trying to get some crumbs off the street before this large machine displaced my body. The last thing I remembered were the large brown eyes of a she-human staring at me.

I was frightened, scared and defensive the moment I opened my tired eyes. I felt a soft pet on my fur, my limb seemed to be covered in a white sheet. My body was weak, but I remembered the eyes that saved me, she was pretty and had a kind smile. That moment I knew I wanted her to be my new home, I knew I had fallen in love with this new person.

6 months passed, I guess, according to human calendar. The stitches were gone and this brown-eyed she-person filled me with love. She called me ‘Spark’ and we had each other – or so I thought.

Occasionally, Molly would make human cries all night, and would smash things from time to time. I felt sad and would cuddle up to her with encouraging words, but our language barrier just made me sound like a cat to her. That evening I heard a loud sound from the kitchen, I was terrified and feared Molly would be hurt. I ran the length my four limbs could take me… there she was, in a pool of blood. I circled what seemed to be her lifeless body, sniffing her, trying to find a pulse or a movement. I cried out her name, her breath slowly fading, and my world seemed to be crashing. I ran out through the open windows to get help, screaming as humanly possible to be heard.

Just then, a he-human walked by. I circled him, jumping restlessly, running back and forth to try and get his attention. I guess he neither understood the gesture nor language, but followed me to the house, where we found Molly almost giving up. The car with many lights came and that was the last time I saw her for the rest of that day…

I prayed and hoped she’d survived, I carried her scent and called out her name at every passer by… until that evening, when the same he-human figure appeared. I raced to the front door – he was with my favorite person, Molly. She had that same white thing as I had previously, covering her forehead. I was so excited, rubbing the whole of me on her tired body, “Molly, I love you!” I cried out in my ‘Meooow‘ tone. This time we were happy, Nas (the he-human) became part of the family, and I guess we lived happily ever after just like every fairytale. I still tell her that I love her in my ‘Meoooow‘ tone, I hope one day she’ll understand, perhaps someday soon…


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