GirlOnTheBus Bucket List! (once we beat Corona)

It’s good to have dreams, and the writers at GOTB want to share some of theirs with you. Comment your bucket list must-haves down below – we’d love to see the wacky and wonderful ideas you come up with!

Photo: Zahraa Schroeder

What is the one thing you most definitely want to do after the Covid-19 pandemic?


Drive to McDonald’s, greet all the staff, shake everyone’s hand and then ask for a Spicy Feast upsized to a large with a Coke, and 20 piece nuggets (jalapeno sauce is a must).

With all jokes aside, there is not a particular action I wish to do – I have just been trying to cope and find a routine in our current situation. I feel as though my mind is just used to my situation that I ask myself this question: “what do you want to do after this?’’ 

Sitting in the company of people other than my family, as much as I love them, would be really nice. I have realized that maybe if I had taken part in more activities before quarantine there would definitely be an activity that I would miss. I found out that I am quite the homebody and maybe when quarantine is over I should work on a list of things to do. 😅


One thing I definitely want to do after Covid-19 is delve into teenage / young adult counselling. I want to partner with secondary schools and discuss with students how I can help them with their mental wellness and other stigma attached to issues within our society. 😍😍


It’s hard to pinpoint one thing I have to do. Ironically, it’s the small, mundane activities I miss. Hugs from friends and family, shopping without a mask on, even working in an office surrounded by people. But if I had to choose, the one thing I really want to do once the whole thing blows over is go on a good, long road trip; hopping from one dorpie (town) to the next! I want to cruise the long road with a full on karaoke session, a lekka friend, loading on sweet, greasy munchies that are bad for you! And explore sites from the coast to the dusty open road. 🦋 


When this lockdown is done I need to get my license🤣 I definitely want to spend some time with my friends, and the family I’m close to; go see a few movies, visit a few parks/beaches and have good laughs. Maybe do some focusing on my career and studies a bit more too (R.I.P UCT)😫


As soon as Covid-19 is over, I want to hang out with my best friends again. Like, go to the movies, or going somewhere to eat and just having fun with them.

I’d want to go to an eating place that I’ve never been to before, or just try out the halaal Roccomama’s 😅😅. I also want to go to my best friend’s house and play video games with her.

Photo: Zahraa Schroeder


Which place do you really need to visit after the pandemic?


A particular place doesn’t come to mind. If I close my eyes I see somewhere leafy, that I can explore at my own pace; Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  This is not a visit that would require too much interaction, but I feel the need and urge to explore further than the distance of my house.  I am picturing the smell of earth, wind blowing through my hijab, and my legs aching due to all the walking – but I can’t stop. Sounds so peaceful and simple. 🌹🌹🌹🌹


Weeeeeell 😃… I love this question in particular but I don’t have the funding for travel right now 😅. I sure would love to travel to new places to meet with people, experience culture and food, and most importantly speak to people about mental health.


As for the one place I have to visit, it’s a bit cliche but simply, the beach. I haven’t buried my feet on the golden grains for a long while – long before we even heard about the pandemic. So yes, despite the winter weather, I would still want to visit and gaze upon the vast blue ocean.🤩


I really, really need to visit the beach🐚. It’s a well-known fact among my closest friends and family that I love the beach; submerging the turquoise water of Simon’s Town, or feeling the cold crisp air of Melkbos on my cheeks and nose… I want to revel in that peacefulness.


I think the place that I want to go to once Covid is over, is the Baxter theatre, so that I can watch a ballet there. I’d also like to go to Stellenbosch with the music department again to listen to the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra🎶.

Photo: Gafsah Martin

While we all try and survive through this pandemic, let us all stay happy and healthy; with hardship comes ease. We hope that this article may have helped you find some relief with all the stress around the passed few months – maybe make a post-pandemic bucket list for yourself and tell us about it in the comments or on our social media!

Thanks for reading! GirlOnTheBus is powered by a strong, sassy group of women with a love for writing and sharing stories. If you know of someone in your community doing amazing things for themselves or others, let us know! You can tag us in posts on social media with #girlonthebusblog or send us an email under the GOT SOMETHIN’ TO SAY tab. So easy! We look forward to hearing about the talented and simply stellar individuals across the globe.


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